1. Campsite access

At the reception desk, you must – at given times – say when you will be arriving and departing in order to be registered, as by law.
You must accept and undersign a complete copy of these regulations.
After some checking, those whose means do not comply to our rules and regulations, commit a crime, punishable by law.
Visitors (those who do not stay overnight) must ask for permission to enter.

2. Pitch arrangement

The choice of pitch and the following setting up of where you will sleep must take place together with a member of the campsite’s staff.
Plugging in to the electrical system must be carried out by a member of the campsite’s staff.
Guests are not allowed to open the electricity box.
Each pitch may have only one electrical connection.
Caravans and campers must be in such a position that they can easily be moved, if necessary (tyres correctly installed and pumped up, rudder and regular towing hook, good brakes).

3. Pitch at time of departure

When leaving the campsite, your pitch must be left clean and tidy.
Disconnection from the electricity box must be carried out by a member of the campsite’s staff who must be given advanced notice of your departure.

4. Caravans, campers and tents

Our guests’ caravans, campers and tents which will occupy their pitch must have all the necessary characteristics, as stated by law.
To be more specific, caravans and campers must comply with all the Highway Code’s rules (i.e. proof of testing, and insurance) and with all the European safety regulations.
Tents and ground or covering sheets must be fireproof, with their relative certificates.
Electric wires connected to the campsite’s electrical network must be of the h07 type, cutproof, with a minimum cross section of 3×2,5, with standard CEI (Italian Electro-technical Committee) sockets.

5. Respect for the environment

We kindly ask our guests to have the utmost respect and protection for the natural environment, in the campsite, in the pinewoods, on the beach.
It is forbidden to plant nails or stakes into trees or to damage them in any way.
It is forbidden to use wire or similar items to fix structures into plants.
It is forbidden to pour polluting materials on to the sand.
It is forbidden to dig plants up from the undergrowth or from the dunes.
It is forbidden to damage the campsite’s walls or other supporting objects or fencing.
It is forbidden to light fires.

6. Rubbish collection

Our guests are asked to take their rubbish outside the campsite and to deposit it in the special containers supplied.
Waste paper bins must not be used for domestic rubbish.
Special rubbish, such as small gas bottles, must be given back by the guests to the suppliers or to those who are authorised to collect such articles.

7. Rules for animals

Your dogs are welcome in our campsite, but they must not create problems for our other guests. Dog owners are requested to abide by the following regulations that must be undersigned on arrival:
– Animals pay daily, according to the price list.
– Animals can only stay in the pitch itself and only one animal per pitch. An exception to this rule may be made by the Management.
– The presence of animals must be declared on booking and on arrival.
– Permission to bring animals must be granted by the Management.
– It is forbidden to take animals to places in comunal use: toilets, showers, place for washing dishes, restaurant and café toilets.
– It is the animal’s owner who must ensure maximum respect for hygiene and health regulations, during the animal’s stay.
– Dogs and animals which are considered to be dangerous or which are marked to be dangerous by the competent authorities may be refused entrance, at the discretion of the Management.
– Animals must have their own identity document (microchip), proof of vaccination (health book) and RCT (third party civil insurance) insurance.
– inside the campsite, dogs must always be kept on a short lead and must always stay with their owners.
– Animal owners must pick up their animal’s droppings. Dogs must be taken outside the campsite to do their business.
– Any damages to third parties and/or to the campsite itself, by the animals, is the total responsability of the animal’s owner.
– Animal owners must make sure that their animal does not annoy or disturb the campsite’s other guests.
– Animal owners who do not comply to these rules will be asked to immediately leave the campsite.

8. Pitch arrangement

Campsite guests may set up their own pitch with fences and shady canvas or cloth coverings, according to the following conditions:
Any sort of fencing must be easy to remove, of a maximum height of 100 cms, made of wicket matting and with supporting poles typical of those of the campsite.
Fencing must not be any sort of obstacle if needing to flee a fire or any other such calamity.
Shady areas over the pitch must be made of fireproof material and with light, tubular structures of the same size as others in the campsite.
In any case, structures made of wooden poles or carpentry tubes are forbidden.
The Management has the right to have any structures removed if they do not comply with the rules or if they are considered unsuitable according to the incontestable decision of the Management. It is forbidden to hang lines or ropes between trees.

9. Respect for peace and quiet.

Respect for silence is expected at night and at siesta time (from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and from midnight to 8 a.m).
Televisions must be kept low.
On special occasions, the Management reserves the right to change the times of silence, notifying clients beforehand.
In order to guarantee a peaceful stay, the Management is authorised to ask anyone who does not respect the rules to leave the campsite.

10. Pitch bookings

a) Bookings: acceptance of a booking after the payment of a deposit, is finalized when the company itself confirms it.
b) Payments (deposit and final payment): on booking, a deposit must be paid according to the figures shown at the booking office. The final payment and balance must be paid on arrival, unless another date has been agreed on. For bookings made 30 days before the beginning of the booking, full payment must be made in advance.
Cautionary deposit: on arrival, guests who do not come with their own accomodation, must pay a cautionary deposit of Euro 50,00 for any possible damage done; this deposit will be returned on departure once the accomodation has been checked out.
c) If anyone cancels before arrival, he/she will not have any right to have the deposit returned.
d) If anyone should bring forward or move back the date of arrival, he/she will not have any right to have a part of the deposit returned, which corresponds to the days not used.

11. Day tourists, not stopping overnight (visitors)

A one-hour visit, if authorized, is free.
For longer visits, euro 5,00 must be paid, as seen on the price list.

12. Easy Terms

There is a 10% discount for our guests on a private beach, apart from for the front and second row for which full price must be paid.
Signature for acceptance of regulations and prices, and all clauses.



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