It is mandatory to notify the reception, at the times indicated, of the entry and departure of people, for legal registrations.
It is mandatory to sign a copy of this regulation for full acceptance.
Those who are found to be non-regular in our checks commit a crime foreseen and punished by law.
Even visitors (those who do not stay overnight) are obliged to ask for authorization to enter.

The choice of the pitch and the consequent accommodation of the means of accommodation owned by the guests must take place with the accompaniment of the campsite staff.
The electrical connection to the appropriate distribution boxes must be carried out by the campsite staff.
Guests are not allowed to open the electricity distribution boxes.
No more than one connection is permitted for each single pitch.
Caravans and campers must be kept in such conditions that they can be maneuvered without difficulty if necessary (wheels correctly fitted and inflated, drawbar and tow hitch in order, efficient brakes).

When leaving the campsite, the occupied pitch must be left clean and tidy.
The detachment from the electrical boxes must be done by the campsite staff who will be the customer’s responsibility to notify in advance.

The means of accommodation owned by the guests with whom they intend to occupy the pitch must have all the characteristics required by current laws.
Specifically, caravans and campers must be in compliance with the regulations of the highway code (ie in possession of regular testing and insurance) and with European safety regulations.
Curtains and cover sheets must be fireproof and have the relevant certification.
The electric cables for connection to the campsite’s electricity grid must be of the h07 anti-cut type, with a minimum section of 3×2.5mm equipped with CEI regulatory sockets.

Our guests are required to respect and protect the natural environment, in the campsite, in the pine forest, on the beach.
It is forbidden to drive nails or stakes into trees or damage them in any other way.
It is forbidden to use iron wires to fix structures to plants.
It is forbidden to pour polluting materials on the sand.
It is forbidden to remove plants from the undergrowth and from the dune.
It is forbidden to damage walls or other support structures and fences of the campsite.
It is forbidden to light fires

Camping guests are required to take their waste outside the campsite in the appropriate containers.
The paper baskets inside the structure must not be used for the collection of household waste.
Waste of a special nature such as gas bottles must be returned by the guests to the suppliers or whoever is authorized to collect such waste.

Your dogs are welcome in our campsite, but they must not cause discomfort to other guests.

Dog owners are required to observe the following regulation which must be signed upon arrival:
– The animals pay the daily fees provided in the note to the price table.
– Pets are only allowed on the pitch and in limited numbers, i.e. 1 pet per crew. Any exception to the number will be at the discretion of the Management.
– The presence of animals must be reported at the time of booking and arrival.
– The entry of animals must be authorized by the Management.
– It is forbidden to bring animals into all common places such as: toilets, showers, dishwashing areas, toilets in the bar and restaurant.
– It is the owner’s duty to ensure maximum compliance with the hygienic-sanitary rules during the animal’s stay.
– Breeds of dogs and animals deemed dangerous or reported as such by the competent authorities can be removed from the campsite at the discretion of the Management.
– The animals must be accompanied by an identification document (microchip) and vaccination document (health card) and RCT insurance.
– Dogs inside the campsite must always be kept on a short leash and always in the company of the owner.
– Owners have an obligation to collect the physiological needs of their animals. Dogs must be accompanied for their physiological needs outside the campsite.
– Any damage caused to third parties and/or to the campsite structures by animals is the full responsibility of the owner.
– Pet owners must ensure that they do not disturb other camping guests
– Owners who violate these provisions will be asked to leave the campsite immediately.

Campsite guests will be able to set up pitches with fences and shade cloths under the following conditions.
The fences must be easily removable, with a maximum height of cm. 100, made with reed mats and with supporting poles typical of camping poles.
Fences must not become a hindrance in the event of escape caused by fire or other disasters.
The creation of additional shading above the pitches must be made with fireproof sheets and with light tubular load-bearing structures of the typical dimensions of camping poles.
However, structures made of wooden poles or carpentry pipes are prohibited.
The management reserves the right to dismantle the fittings that do not comply with the indications or in any case deemed in its sole discretion to be unsuitable. It is not allowed to stretch ropes and wires between the trees.

It is obligatory to respect silence during the night and in the afternoon rest (1.00 pm – 4.00 pm / 12.00 pm – 8.00 am).
The use of the TV is only allowed at low volume.
On special occasions, the Management reserves the right to change the times of silence by giving notice to customers.
In order to guarantee a peaceful stay, the Management is authorized to expel anyone who does not comply with the rules of the regulation.

a) Reservations – The acceptance of the reservation following the payment of the deposit is understood to be completed at the time of confirmation by the organization itself.
b) Payments (Advances and balances) – At the time of booking, a deposit must be paid for the amount indicated by the booking office. The balance of the stay must be paid upon arrival, unless different dates are agreed at the time of booking. For reservations made 30 days before the start of the stay, the entire amount must be paid in advance.
Security deposit – Upon arrival, the customers, who have means of accommodation owned by the management,
must deposit a deposit of Euro 50.00 for any damages; the deposit will be returned upon departure, subject to verification of the aforementioned means.
Advance payments for booking
A – The cancellation entails the return of the amount paid as a deposit, only if this occurs before 5.00 pm on the 29th day prior to the day of arrival at the facility, after this date the deposit will not be returned.
B – If the cancellation does not take place before 17.00 on the 6th day prior to arrival, the campsite is entitled to payment of 70% of the entire amount agreed for the stay, without prejudice to greater damages.
C – The payment of the entire price agreed for the stay is due even if the customer were to postpone the arrival or anticipate the departure.
D – The reservation is personal and cannot be transferred by the customer to third parties for any title or reason.

Free visit up to 1 hour if authorized.
For visits of longer duration, the sum of 5.00 euros is charged, as in the note in the price table

10% discount on the prices of the bathing establishment for campers with the exclusion of the first row and second row for which the full price is still valid.