"Il Giovane Gabbiano" Mini Club

As ours is a campsite with many young families with their children spending time here, we obviously have had to organize a ”Mini Club Il Giovane Gabbiano’ with an entertainment programme specially designed for the very youngest and which includes all that the  Mini Club does: beach games, various types of entertainment, water games, baby dance. Our campsite leaves a covered area on the beach free for this entertainment programme as well as an indoor area where, in the afternoon, painting laboratories, material manipolation, games on the theme of environmental education etc can all take place.

Entertainers. While on holiday here, parents can entrust their children to the Mini Club where they can totally trust the staff of entertainers who are all experienced and enthusiastic professionals,  and who organize the various activities and games.



The  Mini Club
Whoever takes part in these free activities must first read the following rules and regulations which will be considered to be fully approved and accepted as soon as the child takes part in the  Miniclub’s activities.

1)  the Service
The Mini Club service is free.
The entertainers of the “Al Passo Giusto” company are in charge of the activities; they look after, organize and lead the games on the beach and in the Campsite’s indoor covered area.
The Mini Club service is not a service where parents can leave their children; therefore, the accompanying adult must not leave the area where the activities are taking place.
The adult must bring the child to the meeting point and then be there to pick him/her up when the games are over.

2)  Children’s behaviour
a) Objects such as personal toys, food, drinks, animals and so on, which may be dangerous for the child him/herself or for other children or for the entertainers, must not be brought into the entertainment area.
b) Every child must respect the rules of correct and civilized living, showing respect for persons and objects, and always speaking in an appropriate way. It is severely forbidden to play violent games, push other children around or use the games in an incorrect and dangerous way.
c) Those in charge are authorized to send the child away if he/she does not respect these rules.

3) Declaration of Responsibility
The Campsite Management and the ‘Passo Giusto’ Association are not responsible for the loss or damage of objects or clothes brought into the children’s play area.

The Campsite Management and the Passo Giusto Association, as well as the entertainers, are free of civil responsability in the play area as they also are free of both civil and penal responsability for damage caused by children to objects and persons.

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